Intracranial hypertension and increased intracranial pressure are two parameters associated with a variety of diseases, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to neurodegenerative diseases or concussions. Monitoring those parameters is essential for the diagnosis and therapy of neuronal pathologies.

The goal of SafeICP is to assemble and test a fast speckle contrast optical spectroscopy device to monitor microvascular cerebral blood flow (CBF). It will be enhanced by machine learning to estimate both the low-frequency fluctuations and the absolute values of the intracranial pressure (ICP).

    safe, non-invasive, bedside, easy-to-operate, low-cost

    What will we measure?

    • Pulsatile microvascular cerebral blood flow
    • ICP-wave marker
    • ICP-index

    Target Initial medical conditions

    • traumatic brain injury,
    • idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus,
    • pediatric intracranial hypertension


    • To enhance personalized approaches to intracranial pressure management
    • To provide a solution applicable across ages and conditions
    • To improve diagnostics
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